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The Meadowlark Parent Teacher Student Association meets regularly to plan and organize school activities and provides additional support to maximize the educational experience for all students. Regular meetings will be announced at the beginning of each year, put on the school event calendar on the website and published in the Weekly News. 

Greetings Meadowlark Families! 

PTSA groups serve five main purposes (the 5C's):
1) Communication - Provide clear, concise communication between the school and home about community events

2) Community Building - Engage families in events that build a strong sense of community and develop mutual respect and positive relationships

3) Classroom Support - Sponsor, promote and communicate events for all students that supplement and enhance the BVSD curriculum

4) Creating Volunteer Opportunities - Provide many and varied opportunities for families to become involved in their children's education

5) Cash Campaigns - Raise funds to provide staff and necessary resources to meet student needs not provided through district allocations

You can get all the details here on the PTSA website, including a list of the current Board of Directors, instructions on how to become a member, how to volunteer at school, and opportunities to help raise funds for the school.