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BVSD is not currently offering Middle Level athletics. We will let our school community know when the situation changes. Please email with any questions. Thank you!

Meadowlark School offers all programs available in other BVSD schools including club activities, extra-curricular activities, intramural athletics, and interscholastic athletics. Typically, schools choose clubs and activities based on student interest and the availability of adult sponsors with the appropriate training to lead the activity. Our clubs and activities will be created with input from our students and staff as our community forms. Young Maverick clubs and activities will include, but are not limited to intramural sports, student council, choir and art groups. 

As our students create clubs and activities as a part of the Meadowlark School student "voice and choice" we will post them on our website and communicate through our Sunday MAV Minute. 

Our clubs at Meadowlark are student generated, meaning that students submit a proposal for a club to our Assistant Principal, Sennen Knauer. 

Current clubs at Meadowlark include:

  • Yearbook Club

  • Art Club

  • Honor Choir

  • 7-8 Men's Leadership

  • Student Government 

  • Spirit Committee

  • Drama Club

We also have a variety of one time per year programs:

  • Geography Bee
  • Spelling Bee
  • Battle of the Books
  • Math Olympiads


Lifelong Learning Programs

BVSD Lifelong Learning offers a way for kids to expand their knowledge without having to worry about grades or homework. After the school bell rings, students can switch gears from core curriculum to their choice of creative, active and/or brain building options. Igniting a spark outside of the classroom can improve children’s attitude toward school and boost their self-confidence. Best of all, Lifelong Learning reinvests 100% of its profits back into BVSD.

Kids before- and after-school classes meet at 24 different BVSD schools and follow their bell schedules (any BVSD or non-BVSD student is welcome to enroll in classes at any location):

Aspen Creek K-8 BCSIS Bear Creek Birch Coal Creek Comm. Mont.
Douglass Eisenhower Eldorado K-8 Fireside Flatirons Foothill
Heatherwood High Peaks Horizons Kohl Lafayette Louisville
Meadowlark Mesa Monarch K-8 Nederland Pioneer Ryan

Each class is made up of anywhere from five to twelve weekly or bi-weekly sessions. Fall after-school classes run from late August through mid-November, with additional options over Thanksgiving and winter break. Spring classes run from mid-January through mid-May with additional Spring Break options.

Families from each school receive specialized emails detailing offerings at their location.  Check out our current offerings.