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Report Absence{36d27b6d-b9bf-44b6-93bc-99c56aa202dd}Report Absence<span style="line-height:22.4px;">If your student will be absent, ​​p​lease call the attendance line or complete the online Report Absence form.<span></span><br></span>
Fees and Payments{36d27b6d-b9bf-44b6-93bc-99c56aa202dd}Fees and Payments<p>School fees may be paid online or at your school.  Lunch meals may also be paid online.  Details here.</p>
Fundraising Initiatives{36d27b6d-b9bf-44b6-93bc-99c56aa202dd}Fundraising Initiatives<p>​Please check out the important fundraising opportunities at our school!</p>
Volunteer Information{36d27b6d-b9bf-44b6-93bc-99c56aa202dd}Volunteer Information<p>​Thank you for volunteering! Volunteers are an integral part of the Meadowlark School community.   </p>
Parent-Teacher-Student Association{36d27b6d-b9bf-44b6-93bc-99c56aa202dd}Parent-Teacher-Student Association<p>The Meadowlark Parent Teacher Student Association meets regularly to plan and organize school activities and provides additional support to maximize the educational experience for all students. Regular meetings will be announced at the beginning of each year, put on the school event calendar on the website and published in the The “MAV” Minute.<br></p>